Jay-Z’s Album 4:44 Goes Platinum

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From changing his name to Jay-Z, to birthing twins, to releasing the album 4:44, Jay-Z has had quite the year so far in all aspects. In fact, his new album 4:44 achieved platinum certification from the The Recording Industry Association of America earlier today even though the album has only been out for a week.

Unfortunately, the album can only be heard through Tidal if you’re a subscriber or a Sprint customer, yet Jay-Z still earned platinum certification. 4:44 was initially released on June 30th to people who were already Tidal subscribers prior to the album dropping. However, on Monday this rule was changed and all Tidal subscribers now have access to the full album.

On Sunday, many 4:44 albums were made available to download for free with the voucher code “sprint.” This voucher code is still active today and is one of the biggest factors as to why he earned platinum certification.

Luckily, this deal isn’t going on forever and if you aren’t a Tidal subscriber or Sprint customer, you will still get to listen to 4:44 soon. Fortunately, the full album will be accessible on iTunes and Apple Music this week. SD Entertainer will keep you updated on when Jay-Z officially and finally releases the full album to all of his fans.

In the album, Jay-Z addresses the infidelity Beyonce warned us about in Lemonade, chaos at Prince’s estate, his lesbian mother, and topics of controversy. Each one of the songs has a story, and he tells them melodically and purposely.

Obviously, Jay-Z is having an exciting year so far with all of the recent and life-changing events he’s come face to face with. It seems as though this album is representative of him turning over a new leaf and building a new and safer environment for his twin children and wife Beyonce.

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