Greyson Michael Chance – Shares label with Lady Gaga

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12 year old Greyson Michael Chance is an overnight internet sensation for his video where he plays the piano and sings Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” at a local talent show. Just a week ago he uploaded the video onto Youtube and FaceBook, now the video is reported to have over 17 million views.

News is breaking that he was just signed to Interscope Records, the same label as Gaga. On the porch of his families suburban neighborhood home in Edmond, Okalahoma, Chance’s sister Alexa explains, “He signed but the managers said we really couldn’t talk about it.”

Already buzz is stirring and people are chalking Greyson Chance to being the next Justin Beiber, after all they do have the same swayed, light brown hair style. The legendary video of Gaga’s “Paparazzi” posted below, shows the powerful voice and presence that Greyson Chance has, and the right people noticed.

Greyson dreams of being a solo star and has composed two original songs, “Broken Hearts” and “Stars.” On May 13th Greyson even appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show performing “Papparazi.”

While on Ellen, Lady Gaga herself called Greyson encouraging him by saying, “Greyson, you’re so sweet and so talented, and I was so excited that you covered “Paparazzi.” Everyone loves you so much. Just keep following your dreams and work really hard, and stay away from girls and be focused.”

Greyson currently attends Cheyenne Middle School in Edmond, Oklahoma. Despite any formal voice training or lessons the career of this 6th grader seems to be taking off at lightening speed. Greyson Chance’s new representative is confirmed as being Madonna’s Kalabala-preaching manager, Guy Oseary.

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