Dean Wareham formerly of Galaxie 500 playing Anthology

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If you decide to do a show featuring nothing but songs you wrote with a different band 20 years ago, does that make you a tribute band?

Dean Wareham hopes not.

Back during the first Bush presidency, Wareham was the leader of Galaxie 500, an influential dream pop band from the late 1980s, known for emphasizing ethereal textures and moods over propulsive rock riffs.

Galaxie 500 was named after a Ford automobile, but after three albums, Wareham split up with the other musicians and went on to other musical vehicles, most notably the pop-rock band Luna and Dean and Britta, a project with his wife and fellow Luna member Britta Phillips.

Now he is currently on tour with Phillips and they are performing the music of Galaxie 500 November 10 at Anthology.

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Excerpt provided by David Moye.

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