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Country superstar Taylor Swift has accomplished more by the ripe age of twenty than most artists do in a lifetime, however she did not bring home the CMA award for Female Vocalist of the Year for which she was nominated. Granted she’s never really been considered a vocalist per-se — she’s more of a song writer and performer in my eyes.

Despite leaving the awards empty handed, she has been the subject of much discussion after premiering a live performance at the awards show.

This was perhaps one of Swift’s best performances to date, showcasing her voice like I’ve never heard it. Typically she has a very shaky performance voice, but this song was performed beautifully.

Swift has bridged the gap between country music and mainstream pop; she has become a pop culture sensation.

In a December 1st appearance on E!, Swift will share her story. There will be interviews with Swift, her mother, her high school best friend, and Julianne Hough, Brad Paisley and Tim McGraw, record exec Scott Borchetta and many more.

In the show, viewers will see the strength and determination Taylor Swift has shown from such a young age. By the age of eleven, she and her mother, Andrea, were regularly traveling to Nashville where she would march into the record labels on ‘Music Row’ and exclaim “Hi. I’m Taylor. I want a record deal. Call me.” E! reports that her persistence certainly paid off.

Katie Cook, host of CMT Insider, tells E! “You don’t get those kind of record sales anymore. I mean, not since Shania and Garth Brooks did we really see those kind of numbers.”

When talking about her latest album, Speak Now, Swift tells E!, “I’ve had a lot of insanely, crazy, unexpected, wonderful, magical things happen to me in the last two years and a lot of them people saw me go through. But a lot of things I’ve gone through nobody knows about, and I’m writing about all those things on this album. I can’t wait for people to start unraveling the secrets and deciphering the stories for themselves.”

The E! Entertainment Special will also examine the singer’s private life, the VMA debaucle with Kanye, and much more. The show premiers on December 1st at 10:00 PM, ET/PT on E!.

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