San Diego Local Music Voting – Friday Last Day of LMA Vol. 3

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The San Diego Local Music Alliance was created to connect San Diegan’s to the sounds coming from thriving artists in our city. Fans get a chance to speak their mind and vote for their favorite band to win the LMA play list.

The top two voted bands from each play list get invited to play at the battle of the bands for a chance to win a marketing package! The play list is also completely free to download and grab-and-go.

lma_button_usIn December we announced the Local Music Alliance Vol. 3. Voting ends tomorrow, January 15th, 2009 at 11:59 P.M for this edition.

Popular reggae band Through The Roots offers “Best Friend,” a happy ode to the best friend in all of us as part of the free play list. Their song “Best Friend” has over 35,000 plays on MySpace.

Through The Roots will be making tour stops a bit north of San Diego; they’re coming to Long Beach and Huntington next. The next Through The Roots San Diego show is March 13, with Divine Crime at the World Beat Center.

The local fan base and artists are stepping it up and booking shows. Just ask LMA featured band afterschoolspecial. With their song “Name” on the Local Music Alliance play list and upcoming tour on the East Coast they are clearly expanding their horizons.

If you missed afterschoolspecial last night at U-31 with Andrew Rowley and 91X, check the afterschoolspecial MySpace for upcoming SD shows.

Hardcore scream-o rockers, A Shattered Hope, another LMA featured band has a booked tour with dates in Washington, Northern California and Oregon.

Songstress Abrina, another featured artist competing on the play list with her rendition ofabrina Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer” is a mover and shaker with tour dates in Miami this week.

Abrina’s blow out birthday bash is next Friday, January 22nd at Anthology with free admission and all ages allowed.  The celebration includes a 45 minute set from Abrina, her first personal set of this length.

The birthday concert also features a performance from rapper MIMS, who is responsible for the chart topping single “This is why I’m hot.”

Other featured artists on the LMA Vol. 3 are The Styletones, The Strikers, Fever Sleeves, The Bloodflowers, The Syndicate and Paper Moon.

It is exciting to see this type of  recognition for talented citizens musical endeavors. The Entertainer Local Music Alliance play list will continue to support local musicians and bring free music to San Diego, from San Diego!

Voting will end tomorrow for the Local Music Alliance play list Vol. 3. Now is your chance to download the free play list and vote for your favorite song.  Vote – Download here.

I am the project manager for Epsori Business Solutions, I assist in managing the San Diego Entertainer website. San Diego is my city, and I absolutely am enthused about The Entertainer being brought back to life in an easy to use digital format.

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