David Cook: An “American Idol”

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Auditioning on a whim for “American Idol” in August 2007 got David Cook further than he had ever imagined.

Originally there to support his younger brother Andrew, David was then encouraged to try-out as well. Thanks to his rich, raw vocals and devotedly powerful performances, millions of fans watched as rocker David Cook took the title as “American Idol” for Season 7, winning with 56 percent of the votes.

The week following his win, Cook made history on Billboard’s Hot 100 list, placing eleven songs on the charts. This gave him the highest number of new singles in a week, the most since the Beatles placed fourteen songs in 1964. Continuing on with his success, he debuted his album in November 2008, which was certified Platinum; and by January

Cook performing on American Idol

Cook performing on American Idol

2009, exceeded over one million copies in sales.

When I first heard that David was coming to San Diego’s Spreckels Theater, I knew I had to get tickets. However, I knew I had to find out more about this down to earth, humble, gorgeous man. Is he really who he seems to be when we see him on television?

I set out on a mission and was ecstatic when word came to me that I landed a phone interview with the “Idol” winner.

It’s 3:30 p.m. eastern time, and David Cook is eating Frosted Mini Wheats – the first thing he has eaten all day, actually. We are chatting via phone while he is in Columbus, Ohio on his way to perform in Newark, Ohio. His voice is just as deep and melodic over the phone as is it on TV.

Talking with him makes me all giddy inside, but I don’t want to come across as a crazed fan either. However, the minute I start talking to him, it’s like we’re old friends. He is one of the most laid back, genuine guys I have ever met. I know right away that he is the real deal: truly an American Idol.

Are you excited to be coming out to San Diego?

Absolutely. I got a chance to get out to San Diego when we came through on the Idol tour and it seemed like a beautiful city. I think we walked around and you guys had like an Urban Outfitters somewhere and we walked around there. Carly (Smithson) tried to give me the big ole’ dime tour as best as she could.

What has life been like since American Idol?

Best word I can use is non-stop. We’ve literally been go, go, go for about a year and a half now. I’m very excited. Actually after this week I get a two week break before we come to San Diego, so very excited. I should be well rested for San Diego.

How do you think your life will change now since passing on the American Idol torch?

Hopefully it doesn’t. I’ve enjoyed being as busy as I have been. We’ve been able to play a lot of great shows and hopefully we keep putting out good music and playing good shows and everything else will continue to fall into place the way it has.


What is it that surprised you most of the fame from winning, either negatively or positively?

Really just that so many people seem to care, I guess, about everything: What songs were playing at a particular show, what color our hair is, what shirt were wearing … it’s neither good or bad, but it’s just kind of like — really??!

What is your favorite or the most gratifying aspect of what you do?

I think that’s two-fold … That we get to create something. I love creating things. And secondly, that we perform a special service, you know what I mean. I think our job is to go on stage every night and try and entertain people and when we get to pull it off that’s one of the most gratifying aspects.

Coming from the simple life as a bartender, to now being thrown into this fame… Has it had any changes on you as a person?

Well I’ve forgotten how to make a lot of drinks which is a problem, but I guess past that … It’s opened my eyes up. I’ve become a lot more observant just to everything, I think … learned to appreciate everything around me.

What motivates or drives you as a person and as a performer?

I think like for all of us … is making my family proud.

Now for the fun questions…Who has been the coolest/most fun celebrity you’ve met?

David Archuletta.

Oh please no…

What?? That dude’s famous, man. You wanted a fun question, I gave you a fun answer.

Are you guys still friends?

Yeah, absolutely. We actually just finished up a show in the Philippines a couple weeks back, and we got a chance to catch up. He’s a good guy.

Favorite Food?

Right now, Frosted Mini Wheats…

I knew you were going to say that!

Hey it’s the first thing I’ve had to eat all day … I will say Chicken Taquitos from a place called Quick Trip. I don’t think they have them in San Diego.

Favorite movie?

The Jerk … I love The Jerk.

Do you still do crossword puzzles to unwind?

Crossword Puzzles, Sudoku … Yeah pretty much all those nice USA Today Games.

Have you had any crazy experiences with over-excited fans?

(laughs) We actually had our first bra thrown on our stage not too long ago. It landed on our bass player Joey’s bass. I feel like we hit a milestone.

Have you had the panties yet?

We’ve had the panties…We’ve had the panties in mass. But that was our first bra.

Making it big now!

Yeah, it was a special moment for the band, I felt like we bonded.

Where would you like to be with your music in five or ten years?

Hopefully employed, that would be nice. I think the whole goal for me and for this band is that we want to make good music and play good shows, and hopefully, hopefully, you know, everything will continue.

Who has influenced you musically?

Everybody. I think that’s part of what I’ve really learned from this whole process is just to kind of be observant of everything … Family, friends, strangers, everything in between.

What is it that you would want people to know about you that they don’t see superficially?

Nothing, man. I kind of pride this whole thing on being a little bit transparent … I’m hoping people see me accurately.

If you could give one message to performers trying to “make it big,” what would you tell them?

That sometimes it’s a good thing to hear “No” ninety-nine times before you hear “Yes” once.

Be honest, do these interviews get old… I know you are doing them like 24/7?

Um, they can. This one is actually kind of refreshing. I don’t get these questions asked a whole lot.

And last question. All the girls in San Diego will want to know…Is David Cook single?

I’ll never tell … I will never tell.

There you have it; what you see is what you get! A legitimately nice guy – and funny too – with dominant vocals and bold heartfelt songs, he is here to share his talent with his fans. Don’t miss your opportunity to see him live at the San Diego Spreckels Theater on September 10, 7:30 p.m.

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Exclusive interview provided to the Entertainer courtesy of Pink*Chique – Stephanie Rae


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