Bruce Springsteen Extends His Stay on Broadway

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Bruce Springsteen has taken Broadway by storm with his popular show, “Springsteen on Broadway.” With $44 million in ticket sales, “The Boss” recently announced that he has no plans of ending his epic run of performances anytime soon. Springsteen’s sold-out production will now continue through December 2018, with the final show scheduled to take place on December 15th.

The premise of “Springsteen on Broadway” is to share stories about the life of the famous singer-songwriter with the audience. During the production, the musical powerhouse goes on to captivate viewers with basic renditions of his beloved songs.

Aside from his major success at the box office, Springsteen’s unique show has also received glowing recognition from critics. One in particular, Jesse Green, was especially impressed with his performances.

As discussed in The New York Times, Jesse Green wrote, “As portraits of artists go, there may never have been anything as real – and beautiful – on Broadway.”

Springsteen has been filling up the 948-seat Walter Kerr Theater ever since he began playing on Broadway back in October 2017. Although he has typically been performing five shows each week, there have been some instances where he has had to take some time off.

While “Springsteen on Broadway” primarily focuses on “The Boss”, his wife (Patti Scialfa) is also included in the production. Patti accompanies her husband on stage for two songs.

Springsteen also sent out a tweet letting his fans know that this will indeed be the final leg of his show. With the announcement of this last extension, it’s likely that “Springsteen on Broadway” may be considered for a Tony Award.

Unfortunately, Springsteen’s managers haven’t offered any invites to Tony voters to view the show. This automatically deems the performance as ineligible for the competition.  Regardless, “Springsteen on Broadway” is still expected to earn honorary recognition.

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