Bonnaroo This Weekend – Did You Get Your Ticket?

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This weekend will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bonnaroo, a 4-day music fest in Tennessee. On a 700-acre farm in Manchester, music enthusiasts will gather from June 9 to June 12 for a celebration of song, food, movies and water. (See entire music line-up below)

Food Trucks that feed the streets of the South East will be feeding the Bonnaroo crowds.  To name just a few, Taco Bus from Tampa Bay, FL will serve their “Mex-Mex” cuisine, Good You from Kansas City, MO is said to be grilling up the famous Kansas City’s best burger among its organic offerings, Pot Kettle Black from Charleston, SC prepares specialty sandwiches themed from various parts of the US and Gastropod’s will come up from Miami, FL and Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog will whip up some of his highly credentialed goodies including short rib sliders, slaw bits and white-corn arepa.

The event is also said to have a Cinema Tent offering movie action and a Splash-A-Roo, a 40 foot high, 175 foot long inflatable waterslide, for some water fun.

Tickets have sold out for this year’s event, but if you bought your tickets early, here is the complete list of musicians you are about to enjoy.

Here is the complete Bonnaroo 2011 lineup:

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