All Access Karaoke competition to be filmed at 710 Beach Club

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Have you ever watched shows like American Idol, and desired to be that one on stage singing your heart out for the world to hear? Or maybe you’ve wanted the hosting job, guiding viewers through the show with excruciatingly exaggerated pauses for suspense? How about being a director, the ones who call for the lights and camera shots that fuse together to create the ultimate dramatic moment?

Well, if you’ve ever dreamed of any of these things, you will be very intrigued to hear about a new television show called All Access Karaoke. This new show, beginning on September 27th on San Diego’s Channel 6, will allow everyday people a chance to be singers, hosts, or directors.

The process begins in an online competition at where all candidates share a video of themselves. For the hosts and directors, this is a video that will hopefully grab the eyes of viewers and attract votes, while the karaoke hopefuls try to receive votes by singing a song on a preselected list. The top two singers and hosts will be selected each week for a chance to perform on the nationally televised show. The show will be filmed at 710 Beach Club in PB, so you can even sit in on a taping.

This type of show creates a three dimensional take on singing competitions like American Idol. Viewers aren’t only watching for singing talent, but also observing the hosts and directing of the overall show. Whether you’re going to be a contestant or just a die hard fan, this show sounds like it has something for everyone.


  1. Jason David Raya

    September 15, 2009 at 4:43 am

    This is an amazing concept. I cant wait to see this program live! All Access Karaoke is the first Karaoke show that lets the audience control the show. Hek, its the first time Karaoke was ever on TV!

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