Summer Music Soundtrack: Ease Up releases EP ‘On The Fly’

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Running low on summer songs to party, road-trip or just hang out to? Sick of the same six songs in rotation on your favorite radio station? Well here’s some instant relief for you. The band’s name is Ease Up and they just released the EP ‘On The Fly.’

From the heart of the Southern California scene Ease Up has been playing shows and touring up and down the state for a couple of years now. Gaining notoriety playing with local reggae greats Stranger (who’s extremely talented horn player Don Carter plays on the release) plus bands like Seedless (who are currently gearing up to tour the nation with Tribal Seeds), they are well established in the musician’s community. With their big sound and awesome vocal harmonies, Ease Up blends an enticing amount of reggae, rock and pop music that hit like a sunny California beach party.

The CD starts with a cymbal roll and blasts straight into the reggae-rock powerhouse “With You”. Lead singer Rico Estrada’s smooth as butter voice weaves perfectly through the band’s tight rhythm section while lead guitar player Will “Eye Bee” rips a quick solo to help peak the song out. Nate “Legendary” (bass) and “D-Rail” (drummer) hold down the heartbeat of the album with their rock-solid presence and perfectly timed runs. Cruising seamlessly into the fast-paced ska  song “Feelin’ Irie,” you are taken back to your favorite high school house party busts that no one wants to put on their resumes. Featuring Matt Liufau of  Seedless’ thundering vocals,  his soulful breakdown  is enough to get anyone moving.

The song on the CD  that will stick in your head for two weeks is “Blowin’ Up My Phone”.

“Why you blowin’ up my phone? It’s 3 a.m. and I ain’t home no-oh …”

Sounds simple enough, but with its super-catchy and addicting catch-phrase you will quickly find it reverberating through your head for days to come. After this, proving that there is a sensitive side to the group, the EP features two more laid back love songs titled “Another Time” and “Til The End”,  with the perfect road-trip anthem “Cali X in between.” “Til The End” (appropriately titled for the last song) winds the album down, starting with a beautiful vocal harmony and proceeding to hit with some of the catchiest riffs and choruses to be found on the CD.

To celebrate, Ease Up recently threw a rocking CD release party at 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach, supported by acts Boom Culture and Rightjahs Blend to help make the night a huge success. And to make sure it’s convenient for their fans, they made the music extremely accessible. Here’s what to do:

-Click the link to their website on the bottom of the page where you can listen to each song in its entirety for free (this way YOU decide whether the music is worthy of your IPOD before you purchase it)

-If you love it and want to see them live, check them out at the House of Blues San Diego on July 15th, opening for Stranger’s CD release party

-Get ready to experience some phenomenal new music that may not have been on your artist radar but will quickly find its way into your summer playlists!

Ease Up Is:

Rico Estrada-Rhythm Guitar/lead vocals

Nate “Legendary”-Bass Guitar/Backup Vocals

Will “Eye Bee”-Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals





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