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With the start of December finally upon us, Netflix is changing just as the season. Each month, new titles are added to the streaming giants catalog, while older titles are recycled out. This month is shaping up to be jam packed with Netflix original content, as well a solid selection of new television shows and movies. So let’s pretend that this 60 degree San Diego weather is freezing, and throw on some new Netflix titles on your TV.

Being one of the stranger offerings from Netflix in a while, the film Bright, starring Will Smith, will be released on December 22. Serving as an End Of Watch esque police drama, Bright takes place in a world like our own, but is also home to fantasy creatures such as orks, elves, and fairies. If it sounds weird to you, you’re not alone, but the trailer seems to promise action-packed scenes and the incredibly talented Will Smith, who is joined by co-star Joel Edgerton, an orc who is assigned to be his partner. Together, they roam the streets of L.A., keeping the peace, and trying to protect a mysterious girl with special powers.

While Bright brings you action and fantasy rolled into one, season 2 of The Crown is coming this month. This acclaimed drama follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II as she navigates Britain in the 50’s and 60’s. This season focuses on major historical events in British history, including the Suez Crisis, where Britain invaded Egypt, a rumor of Prince Philip having an affair, and the nearing doom of the British Empire. This historically accurate drama has been drawing critical acclaim from viewers, so be sure to check out the first season if you haven’t already. Season 2 of The Crown will premiere on December 8th.

Starting on December 1st, viewers will be able to watch the award winning movie, 8 Mile, which chronicles the rise of Eminem, as he struggles living life in Detroit. If you have never seen this movie, you’ll be surprised by the acting ability of this now rap superstar. The gritty quality of the cinematography and the way it captures the raw struggle of making it in the city is apparent.

On December 5th, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be available to watch. This film is the perfect blend of superhero action, science-fiction, and comedy. Chris Pratt is a superb lead character, and brings a funny yet cool factor with him to the films scenes, With the new Avengers being released soon in 2018, make sure you catch this Guardians  film to catch up on the many updates of the Marvel Universe, as this film is a key chapter in the ongoing story.

If you’re looking for some holiday cheer, all three of the Santa Claus movies, starring Tim Allen will become available to watch on December 12th. These films are perfect for a holiday family movie night, so get the hot chocolate ready!

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