San Marcos Shoplifters brag on Dr. Phil

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Provided by Diane M. Byrne via Flickr

Provided by Diane M. Byrne via Flickr

A California couple in San Marcos who bragged about selling stolen merchandise on live television has been indicted by the federal grand jury.

This must be one of the most unintelligent criminal partnerships in the last decade. Matthew Allen Eaton, 34, and Laura Renee Eaton, 26, were charged with conspiracy to transport stolen property across state lines, says the U.S Attorney’s Office in San Diego.

Secret Service agents arrested the couple Friday on a warrant issued in correlation with the indictment. After pleading not guilty they spent the weekend in jail at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in San Diego. According to federal prosecutor Nicole Jones they are facing between twenty-seven and thirty-seven months in prison if they are convicted, the maximum penalty being five years.

The couple’s idiotic public announcement occurred last fall on the Dr. Phil show. They bragged about making $100,000, from June 2007 to March 2009, by being professional shop lifters. They explained that they stole Lego kits and a variety of other toys and transported them across state lines, then sold them online.

The grand jury released that more than 500 boxes of stolen toys were discovered when they raided the Eaton home with a search warrant in March. The couple supposedly acquired three out of state driver’s license to carry out their scandals. At times they took their children on shoplifting trips to other states.  A video was taken of the Eaton’s along with their children, taking a three day trip while hitting 27 stores and stealing an estimated $5,000 worth of merchandise.

It’s shocking to think what was going through the Eaton’s mind when they confessed their shoplifting history on a major television program. Admitting to selling the items they stole and acquiring over 1million dollars within seven years and expecting to get away with it is beyond stupidity. What’s just as surprising is that the authorities have just indicted the couple, considering this aired a year ago.

According to the couples attorney they have both found jobs since March. Laura has been working as a caregiver for disabled adults and Matthew has started a new job as a car detailer last week. Eaton’s financial situation will be reviewed by a judge later this week to determine their eligibility for continued representation by federal public defenders.

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