Law and Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders

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Warning – Contains Spoilers

If you’re looking for a new show to dedicate all your time to, take a glance into the world of true crime on Law and Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders. This show follows the lives of Lyle and Eric Menendez, who were only 18 and 21 when they shot their parents with a loaded shotgun on a summer evening. The brothers were convicted in 1996, but not after a long and gruesome trial where it was brought up that the brothers were abused as children. This show starts off with the two brothers coming home to find their parents murdered, and they suddenly become suspects when they start spending thousands of dollars from Jose Menendez’s estate.

The show goes through all of the evidence that was shown in trial, including the alleged details of the boy’s abuse, and how this lead to them murdering their parents. The shows devoted cast consists of Miles Gaston Villanueva portraying Lyle Menendez, and Gus Halper portraying Eric Menendez. These two actors bring the characters of the brothers to life with their extensive acting skills that allow you to feel sympathy for these brothers. There is a constant push and pull effect while watching this series simply because, your heart breaks when the details of the abuse is given with vivid language. Then you feel a sense of confusion and ask why the boys felt they had to kill their parents, and why they didn’t report the abuse in the first place. The series shows that the boys felt they had no choice, other than to end their parents lives and to end the abuse.

Edie Falco portrays Leslie Abramson, the dedicated and fire-cracker of a lawyer that represented Eric Menendez in the case. The boys each had different lawyers in order for a fair trial, and this trial ended in a mistrial. This show allows audiences to decide for themselves what they think the verdict should’ve been, or if the boys received what they deserved. The brothers are currently serving their life sentence being convicted of first degree murder. This show may have been written in the perspective of the victims, but with all of the evidence, the viewers get an inside glance of two wealthy men who had a secret life of abuse and loneliness.

While watching this short series, you will learn about some of the unfair encounters that took place in this trial, and can make your own thought process on how you think things should have gone. There is much controversy as to what evidence was brought up, and during the trial some people thought that because they were abused, they deserved to have a less-harsh sentence, such as involuntary manslaughter or even second degree murder. While others think they got exactly what they deserved, which is why the verdict took so long to determine.

If you enjoy true crime and have curiosity on cases that have always interested you, get started with Law and Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders, where you will watch the evidence unfold with this controversial trial.

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