‘Jersey Shore’ Takes on Italy

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The fourth season of Jersey Shore is now under way with its premiere on Aug. 4. The gang’s all back, ready to leave Jersey and take on Italy. The scenery may change, but their lifestyle certainly hasn’t, as they embark on their first overseas trip together.

The season starts with Snooki, Ronnie, Pauly D, Sammi, Vinnie, J-WOWW, Mike and Deena preparing for the trip, with some of them getting their photos taken for their passports.

Before you know it, they’ve all safely made it to Florence.  They finally make it to their new home, which was no easy feat considering the amount of luggage the girls decided to bring.

Snooki is definitely feeling the new home, describing it as “decorated in Italy style.” Vinny faces some culture shock as he discovers a bidet in the bathroom. But all that seems normal enough.

The shocker came as Mike “The Situation” confesses to Ronnie that he had hooked up with Snooki – multiple times. If that wasn’t enough, he admitted that they’ve even been “getting it” while Snooki was with boyfriend Jianni, who is waiting for her back home.

Ronnie puts his thoughts on it, quite perfectly saying, “She’s going to fuck up that situation for this Situation?” Could there be any truth in Mike’s words? Well, Snooki is certainly keeping it hush hush.

As the cast make their way to a nightclub, a familiar scene in all the seasons of ‘Jersey Shore, ’Pauly D finds himself impressed with Deena’s outfit, saying, “If these boobies could talk they would say, ‘I’m a good time, I’m a blast in a bra.'”

At the club, The Situation tries to make a move on Snooki, but being conscious of her “perfect” boyfriend waiting at home, she refuses his advances which brings us to the final scene of the episode, of Pauly D and Deena making out.

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