Glee returns to TV – Calling all Gleeks!

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Image by Glee via Wikimedia Commons

Image by Glee via Wikimedia Commons

Have you found your inner Gleek?

Gleek: term used for loyal fans of popular TV show “Glee,” combining words “glee” and “geek” to show solidarity against the high school club that once stamped you as a social outcast (but not anymore).

Well if you haven’t, prepare to be converted in time to catch the return of Glee. The season two premiere airs tonight on the FOX network at 9:30pm, titled “Hell-O” and featuring remakes of songs from the Beatles, Lionel Richie, and AC/DC.

Glee takes place at McKinley High School in Ohio, where glee club has-been Mr. William Schuster is a high school Spanish teacher by day and inspirational glee club advisor in all other situations, striving to return said club (called “New Directions”) to its days of glory. Glee chronicles the trials and tribulations of its members (and the humiliation of being associated with glee club), including popular jocks/cheerleaders as well as the social outcasts, and their rise together through their love for music. Think high school musical for the more refined taste buds.

When Glee last left off,  our gleeks had won the sectionals, Sue Sylvester the demonic cheer coach was suspended, and club advisor Mr. Schuster finally kissed Emma Pillsbury, the sweet but germophobic guidance counselor. There are many more surprises in store for the second season, such as appearances by Idina Menzel of “Wicked” and rumored guests Lady Gaga and Madonna. Tonight’s episode will feature Mr. Schuster’s gang exploring the many faces of post-break up identity, all while belting out their magical tunes.

After its first season, Glee emerged as an award-winning TV series, winning a Golden Globe for Best Television Series, a People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Comedy, and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble. The music from GLEE is popular worldwide, with the two Glee albums topping the charts in Canada, the U.K., Ireland, and Australia. In the U.S., the albums are certified Gold with over 500,000 albums sold and 4.5 million songs downloaded.

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