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The close of summer brings not only back to school sales but also the couch-potato in you, as brand new shows and your favorite televised dramas return to primetime TV.  This year’s must-watch fall lineup includes returning shows as well as the premiere of new ones.  With so much to see and so little time, dust off that DVR and check out SDEntertainer’s list of must-see TV shows this fall:

90210 (CW) – Premieres: Tuesday, Sept. 13, 8/7c

In the previous season, the Beverly Hill’s gang had more than just diplomas on their minds.  Naomi announced that she was pregnant, Ivy and Raj tied the knot, Liam left Annie to go sail away the summer alone, and Adrianna came close to jumping off a cliff.  But now that summer’s over, some of the gang will be heading to college.  What to look out for: Naomi and Max enters a rocky stage to their relationship thanks to her news, while Ivy and Raj face cancer together, Liam comes back a changed man and Adrianna still feels shunned by the world.

Community (NBC) – Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 22, 8/7c

Last season, we left off with Shirley’s baby born, and a two-art paintball-themed finale, which ended with Pierce walking out of the library, vowing to do it alone.  What to look out for: Eventually the study group will reunite, Dan Harmon, the show’s creator promises.  Once they do, study sessions will be filled with high stakes including a face off with an intense biology professor (The Wire’s Michael K. Williams), who was just released from prison, and John Goodman will also guest-star as dean of a world-renown air-conditioning repair school.

Desperate Housewives (ABC) – Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 25, 9/8c

The prior season saw the ladies of Wisteria Lane undergo many trials and tribulations.  Much was at stake when Tom and Lynette split, Bree jumped into bed with a new police detective boyfriend, and Renee used alcohol and a boy toy to cope with news of her ex remarrying.  What to expect: This final season will be welcoming back familiar faces to Wisteria lane, such as Susan’s daughter, Julie, and runaway housewife Katherine Mayfair.  Also, much to Carlo’s chagrin, Wisteria Lane will also be opening its arms to a new charming male neighbor and Renee will take personal responsibility to reside in on the welcoming committee.  Producers say that this last season will have the show return to its roots.  With old and new faces returning to the drama, Wisteria might turn into Memory Lane but not without a few memorable scenes to come!

Glee (Fox) – Premieres: Wednesday, Sept. 21, 8/7c

We left off in the previous season with Blaine and Kurt reconciled with those three magical words, Sam and Mercedes holding hands and with Sue at peace for now with the glee club.  What to expect: Executive producer Ryan Murphy has promised major story lines for Tina, Mike, and Artie.  Also, a few characters will be graduating this season.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 22, 9/8c

This season kicks off right where we left off with Meredith suspended for tampering with the Alzheimer’s clinical trial just as she and Derek were able to bring home their newly adopted baby, Zola.  Meredith’s misdeed will affect both her job and her relationship with Derek, as well as impacting others a great deal: the Chief will take the blame, which will cost him his title.

House (Fox) – Premieres: Monday, Oct. 3, 9/8c

Season 8 will find House in prison for having driven his car through Cuddy’s house in a fit of jealousy.  After serving his time, House will find alliances and allegiances has shifted during his absence.  Also, Odette Annable and Charlene Yi will both be joining House’s team of diagnosticians this season.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) – Premieres: Monday, Sept. 19, 8/7c

A little role reversal is expected for Ted and Barney this season.  Ted’s trek with the ladies has become more memorable as he plays the field, whereas Barney has proven himself to be more the marrying type.  Barney’s bride gets revealed in the Season 7 finale, where Lily and Marshall will be welcoming their first child in the same episode.

The Office (NBC) – Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 22, 9/8c

This season Dunder Mifflin has to prove he is the right fit to fill in Michael Scott’s shoes.  Incoming episodes will include Robert Calfornia (James Spader) as a newly hired employee.  Meanwhile, Jim and Pam will learn they will be expecting baby No. 2.

Two and a Half Men (CBS) – Premieres: Monday, Sept. 19, 9/8c

Widely discussed in the entertainment world were Charlie Sheen’s off-screen antics during Season 8 of the hit TV series.  The show left off with Charlie contemplating proposing to Rose in Paris.  What’s next: With Ashton Kutcher replacing Sheen as Walden Schmidt, an Internet billionaire in the next season, rumors have it that creator Chuck Lorre will start the new season with a clean slate with Alan’s beachfront house reportedly up for sale in the premiere.

New Shows to Watch out for!

American Horror Story (FX) – Premieres: Wednesday Oct. 5, 10/9c

Co-creator Ryan Murphy returns to FX with a psychosexual horror mystery series that stars Dylan McDermott and Donnie Britton as Ben and Vivien Serman, a couple who moves to Los Angeles to find a house-warming gift already residing in their new home.  A creepy creature lives in the basement and at least one character roams around as the undead.  Jessica Lang and Dennis O’Hare also co-stars.

H&R (CW) – Premieres: Wednesday, Sept. 14, 8/7c

In this new reality series, host Mario Lopez will be bringing together stars and their civilian haters.  The better known half  is given a limited time to convince these detractors the error of their ways.

The Playboy Club (NBC) – Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 25, 10/9c

A 60s period drama, The Playboy Club follows a group of Bunnies and the men in their lives, particularly Nick Dalton (Eddie Cibrian), who plays a shady attorney.

Ringer (CW) – Premieres: Tuesday, Sept. 13, 9/8c

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to primetime TV, and with double the trouble!  Gellar plays twins Bridget and Siobhan in this new mystery thriller.  Bridget is a recovering alcoholic who is on the run when she decides to hide out by claiming the identity of her wealthy twin sibling, who is believed to be dead.  Lost alum Nestor Carbonell co-stars.  But don’t expect the new show to be a dead ringer for the sci-fi shows of the past.  “No hatch! No island!” says Geller in TVGuide.

Terra Nova (Fox) – Premieres: Monday, Sept. 26, 8/7c

The much anticipated Steven Spielberg-produced dino drama will premiere on the small-screen with plenty of dinosaurs of both the friendly and not-so-friendly kind.  About the Shannon family who travels back to prehistoric Earth to save the human race, co-executive producer Jose Molina jokes, “You’re going to see some pretty epic dino-on-man action.”

The X Factor (Fox) – Premieres: Wednesday, Sept. 21, 8/7c

Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul will once again don the title as judges – this time they will be judging for Cowell’s project adapted from the UK version of The X Factor. The talent show is open to groups and people as young as 12 can audition.  Not unlike The Voice, the show will also premiere with Cowell and Abdul as well as other judges that include L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger mentoring contestants.  A $5 million prize money will be included on the show.

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