US Advances to the Final 16 in the World Cup

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On June 23rd, 2010, the US soccer team finished their match with a dramatic victory against Algeria in the World Cup. Many US team supporters sat at the edges of their seats in fear that the US would not make it past the group stages as the score remained 0-0 for the majority of the match.

However, they were rewarded in the end for their faith and support by midfielder Landon Donovan, who scored the winning point with mere minutes left in the game. Like they say: better late than never.

The game had seemed fruitless for both teams as neither side was able to secure any goals for the majority of the game.

Each goal attempt was unsuccessful for both Algeria and North America, making victory seem impossible. The US team members commented on how this match was one of the most pressuring matches of the competition for both the US and for Algeria as a 0-0 tie would have eliminated both teams from the advancing in World Cup. Donovan stated in a later interview that he doesn’t “know how the ball even came to [him]” and that “It all happened so quickly…It was a spontaneous reaction.”

The tension and anxiety that accumulated throughout the game only contributed to a more dramatic and rewarding victory for the US at the end of the match, and left fans in a celebratory frenzy. Fans are now ecstatic as this victory not only qualifies the US to compete in the Final 16, but also secures first place for the US in Group C above England. US will now face Ghana in the knockout stages of the game on Saturday, June 26th at 2:30pm EDT. Good luck USA!

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