Three Ways to Support San Diego’s Veterans this Veterans Day

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Veterans Day is observed annually on November 11, for honoring those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. The federal holiday held on the anniversary of the end of World War I. While the Treaty of Versailles officially ended WWI on June 28, 1919, fighting ceased several months earlier with an armistice on November 11, 1918. The next year, President Wilson commemorated November 11 as ‘Armistice Day’ to honor those who served. After World War II, Congress renamed the holiday ‘Veterans Day” to honor American veterans of all wars.

In San Diego, we are home to veterans of every branch and from many different eras of our armed services, and so Veterans Day holds special meaning to our community. Here are three ways you can support our veterans:

Recognize Women Warriors

Women veterans are at times overlooked and underrecognized. Foundation for Women Warriors honors, empowers and supports the women who answered our nation’s call to serve. The 101-year-old nonprofit is on a mission to serve women veterans and their children so that their next mission is clear and they continue to impact the world. Their programs are designed to enhance the personal and economic wellbeing of women veterans and address the growing needs of the increasing population of military women transitioning to civilian life.

Foundation for Women Warriors honors the service of our Nation’s women veterans and empowers their future by enhancing women veteran personal and economic wellbeing, professional growth, and community connectedness.

Foundation for Women Warriors is the only organization of its kind in the country, assisting women and children each year with life-changing services that enhance their personal and professional well-being. The nonprofit was established in 1920 as housing association for widows, war nurses and mothers of fallen service members. This veterans day, help them continue to honor the service of women veterans by empowering their future by purchasing a gift on their Wishlist and for their Vista warehouse. Or, donate directly to the organization.

Help Homeless Veterans

In order to save returning combat veterans’ lives, Wounded Warrior Homes provides long term transitional housing as well as a defined path for each service member to transition from active-duty military service to independent living. The nonproft focuses on veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The transitional care and counseling program, LIFE – Living Independently For Ever, provides case management, individual transition plans, life counseling, release planning and up to two years in a Wounded Warrior Home. San Diego has one of the highest number of homeless veterans. Wounded Warrior Homes needs the community’s support through donations.

Food donations are another way to support the veterans in our community. Wounded Warrior Homes accepts all forms of packaged/sealed food and are equipped for refrigerated and frozen storage as well as for shelf-stable items. They also accept in-kind donations of living essentials and toiletries, such as laundry detergent, shampoo or other household supplies. Call the office in San Marcos, 760.205.5050, and make an appointment to come in to drop off your food or living essentials donation. 

Honor Veterans with TBI

On Veterans Day Weekend, Resurrecting Lives Foundation is hosting a traumatic brain injury (TBI) awareness event on the flight deck of the USS Midway Museum. The event, held Sunday, November 14, 2021, will shine a light on the plight of TBI. Over 750,000 veterans are currently struggling with TBI. Through bringing awareness, education and research to the issue of TBI, Resurrecting Lives Foundation is helping our veterans heal.

Resurrecting Lives Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to increasing awareness for the necessity of swift diagnosis and treatment for TBI. The event on November 14 is an opportunity to move brain care forward for our veterans. Support the organization by purchasing tickets.

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