Wavehouse to host Flowrider Championship

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Flowposter provided from Wavehouse

Flowposter provided from Wavehouse

August 21, 2009, will be a day at the Wavehouse that won’t just harbor your normal flowrider enthusiast. The Wavehouse at Mission Beach is going to host the International Flow Championships and USA Qualifier on the closing days of summer in August.

With its perfect location, and ability for the public to view the spectacle, The Wavehouse at Mission Beach will be hosting the USA qualifier this Friday. The competitors in the event are looking to qualify for the USA team, which will be traveling around the world in order to compete. Experts in flowriding, and body boarding who qualify will go to Sentosa and represent USA in The International Flowriding Championship.

On normal days, The Wavehouse usually allows any who wish to ride the flow machine the ability to experience its awesome power and sheer joy of riding a man made wave. However, on this day the so-called wannabees will be ousted from the machine, and the experts will showcase their skills to earn a rightfully deserved spot on the USA team.

Aerials, top spins, 360-turns, and cuts will be underway as the competitors grace the stage for the event. Riders will be bringing their best and putting on a show for the judges and on-lookers as well.

Since the establishment of The Wavehouse, it has grown and grown to become a San Diego favorite during the summer. Hosting bands, providing food, and drinks for all ages you can often hear the chants of the crowd as your walking down the boardwalk of Mission Beach. Even though it has more to offer, the main pull for The Wavehouse is its roaring, whitewash spraying flow machine. Thousands from around the country and in our city have come to the venue to witness or use this monumentmess achievement of man.

Growing in popularity and participants it was only an amount of time before an official competition was underway. The competition is the largest event ever thrown in flowriding/flowboarding history. Friday, will be a day that will go down in history for the flowriding community and the sport. Will this be the next big thing? Who knows, but the event on Friday in our great city is indefintely a chance to catch some of the best talents in the sport. So strap on a swimsuit, grab a towel and head down to Mission Beach to be part of history, or possibly the future.

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