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LÄRABAR San Diego Cell Phone Surrender results in 137 beachgoers unplugging and experiencing true joy at the beach

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MPI_0353On Saturday, July 27th, LÄRABAR challenged beachgoers at San Diego’s Mission Beach to surrender their cell phones for an afternoon of simple, unplugged fun at the beach. Kites were flown, books were read, beach paddleball was played, and families and friends gathered together without the distraction of their digital devices. As the Huffington Post described in a post prior to the event, “it’s a wise and righteous choice to disconnect from the virtual world to enjoy what simply is.”

While some beachgoers shied away at the idea, crying out, “I’d rather give up my husband than my cell phone!” and “That’s the scariest thought I’ve had all year!”, LÄRABAR was pleasantly surprised to find  many beachgoers overjoyed to have the opportunity to turn off in order to tune in.

LÄRABAR Founder Lara Merriken commented, “We were overwhelmed that so many San Diegans willingly surrendered their cell phones and embraced the idea of unplugging for an afternoon at the beach.

We received many positive comments when people returned to pick up their phones indicating how even a little break from their digital devices gave them a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation.” As one cell phone surrender participant expressed when he returned to retrieve his device, “It was like detaching from an invisible ball and chain that had been causing me so much stress that I never even realized. I experienced a degree of freedom I haven’t had in years. It was great!”


  • 137 people surrendered their cell phones for a total of 11,119 minutes
  • The average person’s digital fast was for 81 minutes (1 hr, 21 min)
  • The longest surrender was 321 minutes (5 hrs, 21 min)
  • The shortest surrender was 8 minutes
  • 7 participants surrendered for over 200 minutes (3 hrs, 20 min)MPI_0268


Founded in 2003 by Lara Merriken, LÄRABAR now produces more than nineteen LÄRABAR brand flavors, six über® brand flavors, four JŎCALAT® brand flavors and just introduced their first pea based protein bar called ALT®. The company is committed to producing simple, whole food products. LÄRABAR products are available worldwide at a variety of natural, specialty, and conventional grocers and outdoor lifestyle retailers. For more information, visit LARABAR.COM or call 877- LÄRABAR (527-2227).

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