Tim Tebow to the Chargers?

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Tim TebowThe Chargers have their starting qb, of course, in Philip Rivers, but they are looking for a backup. With their different backgrounds in the NFL, adding Tebow will bring something different to the team. Hard to say if it’s something more, or something less, but definitely different. A different vibe on the sideline, a different energy in the locker room.

During the current off-season Tebow worked out with ex-NFL quarterbacks Chris Weinke and Vinny Testaverde. Although ultimately deciding they couldn’t use Tebow this year, and cutting him from the roster last week, the Jets remained pleased with how Tim worked out.

Meanwhile the San Diego Chargers have added Mike McCoy as the new head coach. He used to be the offensive coordinator with the Denver Broncos. There he had a former Heisman Trophy winner as his starting quarterback, and went 7-5 together on the way to winning the Western Division of the American Conference, beating the defending Super Bowl champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers, in the process.

Reasons why the Chargers might sign him have been brought up. They include the aforementioned relationship with McCoy, the great physical and cultural separation from the New York media that tried to devour Tebow, and the motivation he would have to defeat the team that threw him on the garbage heap the moment Peyton Manning gave them a second glance.

However, there are just as many, or more, reasons to pass on Tim. San Diego may be the mellowest of locales, but we’ve seen how disruptive the media can be, even here, when they smell blood. Remember Ryan Leaf? With facebook-hoaxed Manti Te’o around, two weapons of mass distraction could be too many.

In the meantime, Head Coach McCoy has been reported to have said he likes the quarterbacks he has in camp, and is looking to fill other needs of the Chargers.


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