Philip Rivers signs four year contract extension with San Diego Chargers

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The San Diego Chargers and Pro Bowl Quarterback have finally come to an agreement on the contract extension for Rivers’ future with the team. Rivers has played for the Chargers for 11 years. In 2014, Rivers was voted the Most Valuable Player by the Chargers for throwing 31 touchdowns and 4,286 yards.

The extension will keep Philip Rivers, 33, in “America’s Greatest City” for another four years, receiving $83.25 million. Among the highest paid football players, Rivers currently has the highest amount of guaranteed money among current contracts.

Philip_Rivers_2014Rivers is guaranteed to get $65 million dollars over the next four years. This means Rivers will be playing for the Chargers until the 2019 season.

Philip_Rivers_2006-10-01With a salary of $83.25 million dollars, this also ranks him as the third highest paid player in the NFL, behind Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Plagued by drama from the 2014 Super Bowl, Tom Brady is forced to sit out the first four games of the 2015 season. This gives Rivers the opportunity to become one of the top performing Quarterbacks in the NFL.

After going 9-7 in 2014, the Chargers are excited to get back on the field and hope to make it to the playoffs this season. While missing the playoffs four of the past five seasons, the extended contract looks to give the Chargers the extra energy and motivation to reach the 2015 Superbowl.

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