Tiger Woods at the Masters in 3D

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Photo from Keith Allison via Flickr

Photo from Keith Allison via Flickr

In celebration of a first of its kind broadcast, Time Warner Cable will host a 3D viewing party for the Masters golf tournament right here in San Diego. The company only chose three cities in the US for the exclusive parties and San Diego was chosen along with New York City and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Anyone can attend, you just have to RSVP online to be admitted. The event will be held at The Country Club of Rancho Bernardo, this Saturday April 10 from 1 pm to 4 pm. While at the party, attendees will also have a chance to win a 3D TV.

For Time Warner customers that can’t make it to the event, the company is also broadcasting the daily highlights of the golf tournament On Demand in 3D. However, you do have to have a 3D TV and a Time Warner Cable HD box to view the highlights in an additional dimension.

The Masters tournament has been getting a lot of attention due to Tiger Woods’ return to golf after a cheating scandal that involved a car crash, a long list of women he has allegedly slept with, and sex rehab. On Monday during a practice round at Augusta, the crowd applauded for Woods and some even greeted the golfer with a “welcome back”.

On Tuesday, Woods held a press conference where he once again apologized to his family, the public, his sponsors, his fellow pro golfers, and everyone else. Despite his mea culpa, Billy Payne, chairman of Augusta National and the Masters, publicly criticized Woods on Wednesday. Payne stated: “Our hero did not live up to our expectations as a role model that we sought for our children.”

This was the first time the chairman of the major tournament ever spoke out about the behavior of a golfer off the course. “As he ascended in our rankings of the world’s great golfers, he became an example to our kids…” said Payne. “We at Augusta hope and pray that our great champion will begin his new life here tomorrow in a positive, hopeful and constructive manner… This year, it will not be just for him, but for all of us that believe in second chances.”

Highlights from the Masters will be available for viewing on Time Warner Cable’s HD Showcase On Demand starting April 9 until April 30.

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