Sunny Co. Clothing: Social Media Backfire

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On May 3, I’m sure you were wondering, “why is everyone posting a generic picture of a girl lounging by the pool with the red ‘Pamela’ swimsuit on? Should I re-post it, too?” California-based Clothing Line Co. promised thousands and thousands of Instagram users free bathing suits as an Instagram promotion, however, the promise was empty and most contributors were left empty handed.

The social media post Sunny Co. posted originally said, “EVERYONE that reposts and tags us in this picture within the next 24 HOURS will receive a FREE Pamela Sunny Suit.” The post instantly went viral and thousands of people demanded free swim suits, but this small company couldn’t handle the demand. They had to make several adjustments to their promotion in regards to their rules and conditions, then eventually disabled all comments. If anything good has come from this stunt, however, it’s the vast amount of hilarious memes mocking it.

Young entrepreneurs, Alan Alchalel and Brady Silverwood are the creators of Sunny Co., and are originally from our home in San Diego. They thanked everyone who participated and said they would make their best effort to respond to the first 50,000 orders. They also said they would refund those who didn’t use the discount code, but would not be able to refund the transaction fees at this time. Lastly, they commended that a portion of the program would be donated to the Alzheimers Association like they originally planned.

On their website, Alchalel and Silverwood said, “we want to be a company that listens to every single customer’s wants and needs/ If we can put a smile on every person that wears a Sunny Co clothing product, then and only then can we sleep easy.” Because of this social media backfire, it seems as though Sunny Co. might be turning into a dark sky and these two young entrepreneurs will not be sleeping easy anytime soon.



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