Twitter Collaboration with Bloomberg Means 24/7 Free Video Streaming

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Global financial news giant, Bloomberg, is to partner with Twitter in seek of 24/7 news streaming television. The partnership will be formally announced Monday at Bloomberg LP’s event for advertisers by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and company founder Michael Bloomberg.

The channel is expected to be officially named and begin operations this coming fall. Composed of live news reporting from the news agencies around the world, as well as a collection of video mixes posted by Twitter’s users, this channel is expected to be the go-to source for news.

This is not the first time we’ve seen this partnership form to stream live videos. In fact, Twitter and financial outlet Bloomberg joined forces to broadcast live coverage of the U.S. presidential debates this past September.

Though Twitter has streamed live videos with Bloomberg, as well as many other big names, this partnership will bring new and improved elements unlike we’ve ever seen before. Unlike Twitter’s past live video streaming of events, this will be the first continuous video feed to stream on the social media’s platform. Twitter is evidently gearing up to be more of a visual forum, rather than text oriented.

Additionally, video streaming will be free for all users. Though Bloomberg and Twitter refused to talk about the financial aspect of this project, they made it clear that the new channel is supported by advertising. On the other hand, it is unclear how the revenue from the ads will be shared between the two media sources.

They did persist that the content will not be identical to Bloomberg’s various shows and news. It is meant to inform the audience of Twitter and consistently produce new content on the social media platform. These conjoined forces will unquestionably result in improved social media for Bloomberg and newer content for Twitter. We are excited to see what is really in store this coming fall.

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