Snapchat Announces $380 Sunglasses with 3D Cameras

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Snap unveiled its new $380 set of smart glasses on Tuesday that allow users record video and images in 3D. The Spectacles 3 smart frames are made of stainless steel and are available in a carbon black and a rose-gold. They will be able to be pre-ordered for availability in the fall.

The cameras contained within Spectacles 3 will allow users to apply augmented reality filters onto images and video. This will create the effect that these filters are actually appearing in the real world, taking advantage of the boom in AR-related tech as of late. The 3-D camera will also allow people to view images and video from different angles, creating a unique viewing experience. 

The Spectacles line from the company has struggled to find their footing in the tech market. In 2017, Snap announced it has lost more than $40 million after releasing the first iteration of Spectacles in 2016, which were priced at $129.99. The second iteration of the glasses, released in 2018, came standard with water resistance and was available in several different styles. These were priced at $200. While Snap has yet to release any reports on the success of these models, they don’t appear to have been any more popular than the first. 

Smart Glasses have been the next frontier of wearable technology, closely following the smart watch. Back in 2013, Google released the Google Glass, which was thought to signal an explosion of different smart glasses technology onto the market. The device fizzled out though, suffering from high prices and lack of adoption. Since then, the smart glasses market has been slowly trudging along, not finding any true provider that has been able to release a widely accepted product. 

The Spectacles 3 don’t seem to aim for the top spot of an all-encompassing feature-filled device. However, hoping to capitalize on our obsession with documenting everything for social media, Snap could finally be the one to make a breakthrough. Third times a charm, right? But at a $380 price point, I wouldn’t hold your breath. 

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