New San Diego Videos – Red Riding Hood Rap, Yun Zi Panda Update

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San Diegans are using video more than ever to share their daily nonsense, stories, humor and life experiences. YouTube is rivaling TV viewership, with a report from 2006 saying 43% of people report watching less TV as result of sites like YouTube. News is found digitally, and the rumor is that print is dying.

Video puts you in touch with the characters; you can see the action in dimensions. With the technological advances we have had in the last few years, your lap top, phone and PC are well equipped to stream videos quickly. The appeal of online video is striking, and 2010 has been named by many “the year of video”. In ode to the phenomenon, the Entertainer will be scaling the walls of the internet to bring you the most recent San Diego video.  From the hilarious, to the informative we want to share the video endeavors of our fellow.

Red Riding Hood Rap

The Media Arts Center in San Diego added another video to their Digital Story Station. In this edition of San Diego Stories, Dr. Annjennette McFarlin and Linda Brown, from the Black Storytellers of San Diego, Inc., rap the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood along with guest storyteller Peggy Rainey. Continue reading for the video.

The Media Arts Center in San Diego mission statement;

MEDIA ARTS CENTER SAN DIEGO promotes access to film and video as tools for community self-expression and social change and supports the professional development of media artists.

The organization is “changing lives through film”. Check out their energetic, musical rendition of the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood uploaded today.

Yun Zi at the San Diego Zoo

On January 6th, five month old panda cub Yun Zi made his official debut.

San Diego is home to five giant pandas. Well, an entire giant panda family including Yun Zi’s father iGao Geo, mother Bai Yun, and sisters Su Lin, four, and Zhen Zhen, two.

Officials at the Zoo hope that Yun Zi serves as an ambassador for the endangered species. Yun Zi has already showed a lot of character. The panda cub has been seen falling off tree’s while trying to climb and relentlessly showing San Diegan’s that you have to get back up!

Debut Wednesday, January 6:

Yun Zi Panda Update Wednesday, January 13:

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