San Diego County Fair Ends with Record Numbers

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On Monday, July 4, 2011 the San Diego County Fair wrapped up the 22-day event with an all-time attendance record of 1,412,113 guests who enjoyed the “Race To The Fair” theme, attractions, shows, exhibits, food and rides. The previous attendance record was 1,338,500, set in 2010.

The largest one-day attendance during the 2011 San Diego County Fair was 88,767 on Sunday, July 3, the seventh biggest day ever. The largest single-day attendance ever was 101,867 on Friday, July 3, 1998.

“We want to thank everyone in San Diego for all of their support and for coming to the 2011 San Diego County Fair because this is their Fair,” said Tim Fennell, CEO and General Manager of the Del Mar Fairgrounds. “We are pleased we broke our all time attendance record once again, making Fair history during a still-sluggish economy. Because of these challenging times, we were proud to present a venue that provided a great value for our guests. The Fair is really about the people and teamwork that run this event year after year. Thanks again to those who were able to ‘Race To The Fair,’ as we could not have done it without you.”

The San Diego County Fair is the sixth largest fair in the nation and is the largest event in San Diego County.

Some preliminary numbers are in for the 2011 San Diego County Fair. Final revenue and numbers will be available in about a week.

Food Factsdeep fried brownies

  • Deep-Fried Kool Aid — 100,000 sold
  • Deep-Fried Oreos — 40,000 sold
  • Deep-Fried Klondike Bars — 10,000 sold
  • Deep-Fried Brownies — 15,000 sold
  • Deep-Fried Twinkies — 14,000 sold
  • Deep-Fried Avocados — 20,000 sold
  • Deep-Fried Frog Legs — 20,000 sold
  • Deep-Fried Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwiches — 6,000 sold
  • Deep-Fried Girl Scout Cookies — 1,000 boxes used
  • Deep-Fried Butter — 4,000 sold
  • Chocolate-Covered Corn Dogs — 3,000 sold
  • Chocolate Covered Bacon — 40,000 pieces
  • Meatball Sliders — 5500 sold
  • Beach Tacos — 4200 sold
  • Deep Fried Corn On The Cob — 450
  • Hash Dog — 1110 sold
  • Sweet Potato Dog — 950 sold

New Food Vendors See Success

Pink’s debut at the Fair was a smash hit! Pink’s sold over 20,000 hot dogs, with the Bacon Chili Cheese Dog and the Martha Stewart Dog as the runaway best sellers.

The Burger Joint used 5,000 pounds of ground beef, 17,500 pounds of potatoes for curly fries, 400 gallons of gourmet sauce, 1 full pallet (400 gallons) of ketchup; 1,600 heads of lettuce, 2,500 tomatoes.

Australian Battered Potatoes used 15,000 pounds of potatoes. Those potatoes were dipped into 15,000 pounds of batter, and fried in 10,500 pounds of oil. They were topped with 100 cases of cheese sauce and a whole pallet of ranch dressing!

Events and Contests

  • 198 pies consumed at the daily Pie Eating Contest
  • 933 pieces of pie consumed at the Pie Eating Contest
  • 16 teenagers texted while eating pie
  • 21 employees participated in pie eating
  • 987 participants in  Flag Raising program at daily Opening Ceremonies (Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts)
  • 78 Scout troops participated in the Flag Raising Program
  • 31 National Anthem singers at Opening Ceremonies
  • 25 participants eat 126 jalapeños in three Jalapeño Pepper Eating Contests
  • 23 jalapeño Peppers eaten by the top winner of the three contests
  • 51 contestants in the Father/Child Look-a-Like Contest
  • 55 contestants in the Family Look-a-Like Contest
  • 46 participants in Best Animal Noise Contests
  • 164 participants in Bubble Gum Blowing Contest
  • 125 participants three Boomers & Beyond Contests
  • 28 participants in Ballroom Dance Contest
  • 42 babies entered in Baby Derby Contests
  • 596 participants in Three O’Clock Fun
  • 110 bands entered the Musicpalooza Contest
  • 112 singers entered the Singer/Songwriter Contest
  • 522 participants in San Diego’s Best Dance Crew competitions
  • 11 groups that participated in A Cappella Contest
  • 4 DJs in DJ Mix-Off competition
  • 402 zombies in Michael Jackson Day Thriller dance
  • 229 participants in Learn Magic program
  • 717 entertainment applications received
  • 1,300 hours of entertainment booked
  • 21,347 entertainers that performed on eight stages
  • 70 kids cried when they saw the costumed Fair Mascot, Sparky
  • 25,000 Passport To Savings coupon books were distributed

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