San Di-eg-o… Super Chargers!

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Picture by D.B. Blas via Flickr

Are you ready for some football San Diego?!

The Chargers take on the Raider tonight, so get ready!

I think I speak for all San Diegan’s when I say it has been entirely too long of an off season. As we sport our bolts on every possible window, bumper, fridge, binder, and laptop that we can possibly get our hands on, our faith in the Charger’s has only grown stronger since they attempted to save their season in an amazing last couple of games of last season.

It helps that the last lingering memory we have of the Oakland Raiders is that awful preseason game against the Saint’s in which the Raider’s looked unorganized, sporadic and lacked confidence in both their defense and receivers. Surely Sproles is going crazy with impatience to just get out on that field and run circles around them.

A lot of spotlight has been directed towards the scandal surrounding Shawne Merriman and reality star Tila Tequila, but the time has come to put the BS behind us and focus on football. His knee is still hurting, but regardless of his social actions, we need Merriman to let go of his publicist’s hand and crack some skulls on the field.

His pre-season game was  less than impressive, but maybe anger sprouting from his tabloid adventures will be channeled into his game, particularly the repetitive and relentless sacking of Oakland QB JaMarcus Russell.

On offense, LT will have a lot of room to move around and really find the space to brak through the Raider’s defense, he just has to use it wisely and keep his confidence.  Along with Sproles and Legedu Naanee, the Chargers running game should be off the charts spectacular tonight. They really have a chance to be creative and make this first game a lasting impression on the NFL this season.

For those of your who have doubts about tonight’s victory, or should I call you “haters,” let’s take a look at both teams in perspective of one another.

First on the chopping block, Oakland. I think something needs to be said that some who don’t follow football need to know; the Raiders have only won 24 games in the past 6 seasons. Ouch. There shouldn’t be a need to say any more, but let us continue. The discrediting of this team is just fun for Charger fans like myself.

Let’s take a time machine back three years ago… on the same night, shown on the same network, and pretty much… the same game. The Raider’s left the field that night with a giant bolt branded on their behinds after San Diego closed them out 27-0. History tends to repeat itself, and I’m sorry fellas, but we have beaten you 11 straight games in a row.

Unless you have some kind of hidden weapon or super power that you have yet to reveal to the world of American Football, our half-man, half-god assets (Rivers, Gates, Sproles, Merriman, just to name a few), are just going to stomp your faces and use your sorry excuses for a jersey as a sweat towel.

As San Diegans, we’re all biased, but the specifics all point to the same epiphany. With River’s pin-point accuracy and the marriage of LT and Sproles infra-red gap locating abilities, our offense is stacked in comparison to our competitors.

I am no expert on strategic football playing, but one thing I am, is a die-hard San Diego fan with knowledge of a victorious past history of this valiant team. And if memory serves me correctly, and history does indeed repeat itself, Charger fans will not be disappointed tonight.

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