Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review

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 GALAXY-Note-II As a creative professional in any field, the quality of your smart phone is vital to the success of your business.  With today’s laundry list of smart phones and tablets, it can get overwhelming trying to decide which model to adopt.

For example, the idea of an IPad or tablet is great. The device comes in multiple sizes and is smaller than a laptop, which makes it portable to travel with, have instant access to the internet and the ability to design with a stylus. However, this device cannot make phone calls, which obligates the creative professional to carry around a smartphone, say Apple’s IPhone, in addition to a tablet. This combination is redundant and requires one too many devices to be held accountable for, day-to-day.

Both the tablet and smartphone can access the internet, supply you with thousands of applications, have camera and video in addition to being portable, yet only one can make phone calls and the other can create and design using a stylus.

Why not combine the idea of a tablet and smartphone?

Samsung released their new Galaxy Note 2 last winter, which has created a buzz world wide in the business realm. The ability to utilize a smartphone and tablet simultaneously, is changing the way the world does business. You can easily share information with other Samsung devices using S-Beam, find your driving destination with confidence using Google Maps Navigation, takes notes, sketch and design using the S Pen, make phone calls and browse the internet, in addition to so much more.

Statistic wise, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and is 4g capable, making it one of the most powerful smartphones on the market.

If you are a creative professional looking for the next best smartphone, here is your answer.

Check out this commercial from Samsung to see for yourself!  



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