Powerball winner owes $29K in child support

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photo courtesy of Upupa4me via flickrPedro Quezada, won the fourth-largest Powerball jackpot of $338 million on Saturday. He will receive a lump sum payoff of about $152 million after taxes, officials said.

Unfortunately approximately $29,000 of the money will go to money owed in child support. Merely pennies compared to his winnings.  Authorities stopped by Pedro Quezada’s apartment on Wednesday but no one answered the door.

Pedro Quezada is a 44-year old New Jersey resident  and immigrant from the Dominican Republic. He is, well was a grocery store owner, but since the winnings a “For Sale” sign has been slapped on his store. He originally planned to keep the Apple Deli Grocery store open, but just like much winners, his newfound fame and wealth has attracted massive amounts of unwanted attention and new “friends.”

Residents agreed that the closing of his grocery store was a good idea because of the threat of crime.

Pedro faced 175 million-to-one odds when he bought the ticket at Eagle Liquors store in Passaic, New Jersey. He picked his winning numbers from the exits along the Garden State Parkway to the corners of his old Caribbean neighborhood.

Carlos Quezada, 38, Pedro’s brother, was quoted from the New York Post, “He won the lottery. He doesn’t want to work,” Carlos said. “He’s planning to travel and have fun in life. He wants to enjoy the money. I think with all that money, you shouldn’t have to wake up and work. Would you stay out here?”

Perhaps Pedro Quesada may be returning to the Dominican Republican, where life will now be a little easier for the multimillionaire.


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