Prince William really just a normal guy

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Coming from a blood line of royalty and being second in line to the British throne, one would think that Prince William would be ultra-fascinating and spectacular. The amazing thing is that he remains level headed, and seems to be a normal, regular person like everyone one else. That is, except for the huge wedding he just had.

Many sources close to Prince William have stated how normal he is. Warren, Prince William’s old tutor reported to CNN that William has always struck him as a “personable, level-headed young man.” This is quite surprising given his family tree. How could he be so “regular?”

Prince William does not like to be addressed as Prince William or His Royal Highness. He wants to be addressed by his name, William, just as any other person would be addressed.

Prince William also behaves just as any other person does. He does not like to wear suits when they are not needed, and he also doesn’t want staff. When he goes out camping or hiking, he lets his hair down, and he doesn’t try to come off as privileged.

When Prince William graduated from Eton College, he left Britain for a year where he did manual labor, chopping wood to help make roads and walkways in Chile. He currently works as an RAF search and rescue pilot in Wales, and sources say that William does not want to be given special circumstances due to his status. He wants to earn his work and his title just like everyone else.

His actions are a testament to how his parents raised him. The late Princess Diana, Prince Williams’s mother, did not like to be addressed as Princess of Wales. She wanted to be addressed as Diana, just as her son does now.

His parents wanted he and his brother to have a normal upbringing, and therefore sent them to schools where they mix in with other children and behave as other children would.

The death of his mother was said to have had a big impact on Prince William. His mother’s death was said to have made him mature quicker, having a wise head at a young age.

Prince William is just a normal guy. Yes, even despite his royal roots and royal highness, in the end it’s his way of clinging to reality and normality and showing everyone that as a matter of fact, he is just William.

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