Don’t miss tonight’s Lunar Eclipse

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From 'garyclarkk' via Flickr

From 'garyclarkk' via Flickr

Attention all astronomers, star-gazers, and space enthusiasts. Tonight, the night sky will be the stage for  the second of five lunar eclipses set for this year. The night sky all across the United States will bare witness to this occurrence, and also any who wish to see it. If you have never seen one, go out and do it, it is an awe inspiring moment. Get out the cameras, and camcorders and prepare yourselves for this one.

The lunar eclipse according to astronomers will occur at 8:55 PM for us in San Diego. The lunar eclipse is the third of the year and second of the summers. So get on out there and take a look, and if your sign is a Leo this eclipse is positive for you.

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