London Attack: Eight people Injured, One Died

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On Monday, worshipers were leaving a mosque in London after Ramadan prayers around midnight when a van ran into many pedestrians gathered outside. Eight people were injured and taken to the hospital, and one died at the scene. The people injured and dead were all Muslim.

Just six months ago, gunman burst into a prayer room, killing six and injuring 19 in this same mosque. For that specific attack, a man — suspected to be 27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette walked through the front door during a similar prayer session and brutally fired at innocent people.

The past attack that took place on Monday just outside of the mosque was a hate crime committed by Darren Osbourne, 47, a resident of Cardiff in Wales. He was wrestled to the ground by the public, and then promptly arrested at the scene. He was first arrested for attempted murder, but after being taken to a police station in London, he was also arrested for commission and instigation of terrorism. This act of terrorism adds to the series of attacks which have taken place in London.

The attacker plowed these innocent worshipers on Seven Sisters Road, which is a busy street in Finsbury Park, north London, near a Muslim community center and the mosque. Muslim Welfare House CEO Toufik Kacimi noted that Osbourne shouted, “I did my bit, you deserve it” as he crashed into the people. Within eight minutes of word of the attack, this event was confirmed and treated as a terrorist attack.

With these series of deadly attacks, it is important to keep the people of London in your thoughts. Despite this terror and emotions running at an all-time high, we must act in unity and do everything in our power to discontinue these horrifying events. The people of London, and many other countries who have suffered from terrorist attacks, need us now more than ever.

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