Lindsay Lohan Released from Rehab

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Everyone’s favorite red headed Mean Girl is finally free of her cage—that’s right; Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab. The troubled starlet was released from UCLA Medical Center late this past Tuesday night, after serving only 23 days of her 90-day court mandated sentence.

Discharge from rehab, however, didn’t mean the drama was over for Lohan—getting the young starlet out of the medical center proved to be an arduous ordeal. The 23 year old actress was whisked away from the rehab center in a chauffer driven car, as several decoy cars were utilized to keep the popular press and paparazzi away from Lohan in her first moments of freedom. Moments she used, according to, to phone her mother Dina.

While the early release has some crying foul, citing Lindsay’s celebrity status as the reason for her early flight, it seems the truth is a bit more mundane (and reassuring). According to Lohan’s medical report from UCLA, she was not seriously addicted the drug cocaine (as was previously thought), but rather was misdiagnosed as having ADD and given prescription drugs that she did not need to take—which, officials believe, could be the reason for her oftentimes erratic behavior. As such, it was not necessary for Lohan to continue inpatient therapy—she will instead continue visiting UCLA Medical Center a few times a week for outpatient care.

Lohan was originally ordered to spend 90 days in incarceration by Judge Marsha Revel, but was released after 13 days under the sheriff department’s early release program—after which Judge Revel recused herself from the case due to complaints from attorneys that she had been improperly discussing the case with rehabilitation center officials and defense attorneys without notifying the prosecution. Following her release from jail, Lohan was taken directly to UCLA Medical Center and checked into the inpatient care program, from which she has now been released.

Although the frenzy surrounding Lohan’s personal life certainly has caused her a great deal of trauma, there is an upside—the young actress stands to make a huge pile of money from her own trials and tribulations. A popular tabloid magazine has already reportedly offered her $1 million for an exclusive post-jail interview, and numerous clothing designers are offering her endorsement deals to be seen out and about wearing their products.

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