Vanessa Minnillo pregnant & Lindsay Lohan hosts SNL

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Vanessa Minnillo is Pregnant

Baby Lachey is on the way.  The former “Mr. Jessica Simpson” and his wife of less than one year, Vanessa Minnillo are expecting.  Nick Lachey leaked the news while guest hosting on “Live! With Kelly.”  The former boy band heart throb confirmed what the media has been speculating over since his wife was spotted in Mexico wearing uncharacteristically baggy clothes.  Lachey may have decided to use his appearance on “Live!” to make his announcement for reasons other than the show’s consistently high ratings.

According to Lachey, Vanessa discovered she was in a “family way” after her own “Live! With Kelly” appearance.  Apparently Vanessa was feeling a little out of sorts after the show and decided to take a pregnancy test, which turned out to be positive.  Lachey was very open with details of his wife’s condition during his visit with Kelly where he bravely joked about his pregnant bride’s cravings.

No pickles and ice cream for Vanessa.  According to Nick, the 30-year-old Mrs. Lachey is experiencing some serious Mexican food cravings.  The overjoyed daddy-to-be joked with Kelly Ripa about his wife’s prenatal obsession with Burritos and the gusto with which she is consuming them.  Let’s hope for his sake that she is a good sport and Nick did not get himself into hot water with his hormonally compromised wife.

All joking aside, the two could not be more excited about becoming parents.  Although they do not yet know the sex of their baby at just 12 weeks into the pregnancy, they have already decided on a possible name.  If baby Lachey is a girl, her name will be Sofia.  A boy name has not been decided.  Either way, Vanessa has her work cut out for her.  Nick has hinted to wanting three to six children!!  Guess we should all get used to seeing the petite brunette with a baby bump.


Lindsay Lohan back on SNL

Love her or hate her, LiLo is staging a comeback.   Her first attempt at reclaiming her status as a viable performer, an appearance on last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, was a good first step.  Lindsay Lohan’s attempt at restoring her professional image was met with mixed reactions according to Huffington Post.  An obviously sober Lohan pulled off her return to SNL appearing confident, relaxed, and surprisingly professional.

The show’s higher than expected ratings may suggest that the viewing public may be rooting for the fallen star’s return to legitimacy.  Robert Downey Jr. and Brittany Spears are both examples of how everyone loves a good “comeback kid” story.

The former child star’s comeback was based on poking fun at the mistakes and missteps that have turned her in to tabloid fodder.  The episode was full of comical references to her drug use, legal problems, and bisexual relationships.   One of her most well received skits was a take on “Scared Straight” where Lindsay attempts to set kids on the right path by frightening them with “harrowing” tales of Malibu Rehab.

If Lindsay can stay out of trouble, she may be on her way to resurrecting her career.  Only time will tell.

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