Lindsay Lohan Strips Down for “Inferno” Lingerie Photo Session

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The 24-year-old Mean Girls star poses for a scantily clad photo shoot to promote upcoming film project Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story.

It looks as is Lindsay hopes to reinvigorate the fire that was her career during her Disney fame, but Inferno will definitely be much different than her cute redheaded, freckled Parent Trap days. The more recently blonde actress turned brunette for photo shoot and role to fit the look of the famed 70s porn star turned anti-pornography activist, Linda Boreman a.k.a Linda Lovelace.

Writer/director Matthew Wilder adapted Inferno from Boreman’s 1980 autobiography Ordeal. The film will depict Boreman’s tumultuous life through her battle with drug addiction, an abusive marriage to her manager/pimp Chuck Traynor, and her international stardom and notoriety for her fellatio skills in the starring role of Gerard Damiano’s 1972 hardcore “porno chic” film Deep Throat.

Yesterday MTV revealed the images of the lingerie adorned Lohan as Linda Lovelace in a 1970s style motel room, taken by photographer Tyler Shields. The pictures range from rather innocent snaps of Lohan as she stares at her reflection in the mirror, while others are a bit racier in nature by showing her lying on the bed amidst a group of men unbuttoning their pants.

The photographs of Lohan are a wonderful departure from the latest images of the young star which include the less than charming mug shot from her recent 14-day stint in jail for violating probation from previous DUI charges.  With Lindsay’s battling her own personal issues, it’s a wonder as to how she expects to dedicate the time to the already rocky film project.

While Matthew Wilder has received positive feedback for a very well-written screenplay, he has failed to get the financial support necessary to bring his project to complete fruition. The film has been on the industry’s radar as early as 2007, tying actresses Rose McGowan (Grindhouse) and Anna Faris (House Bunny) to play Linda Lovelace before settling on the controversial, often flaky Lohan.  However, Wilder stands by his decision to cast Lindsay in the role and plans to start filming later this year once she completes her court ordered 90-day stay at the UCLA Medical Center rehab facility.

Despite speculation, Lohan’s familiarity with Hollywood notoriety, from her multiple controversial relationships to her drug addiction and weight loss, might actually help the bedraggled starlet bring out the dark, raw truth to do the wonderfully written Inferno justice. While her life hardly matches the intensity and disorder of Boreman’s actual life, Lohan has the ability to pull from more honest experiences than the other actresses, depending on whether or not she is able to clean up her act in order to show up.

Although probably not something you would want to watch with young children as it is riddled with coarse language describing various sexual acts including fellatio and bestiality, but Inferno: The Linda Lovelace Story is a film to look out for next year, pending financial backing and Lohan’s return from rehab.

Check out her lingerie Inferno: The Linda Lovelace Story photo session here.

Photos courtesy of B. Charles Johnson and Chesi – Fotos CC via Flickr. Film poster from Wikipedia.

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