Justin Bieber Crashes into Paparazzo

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On Wednesday night, after Justin Bieber attended a Church service in Beverly Hills, Justin Bieber accidentally crashed into someone as he was leaving. The 57-year-old paparazzo attempted to take pictures of Bieber when he was crashed into and complained of injuries to the police. Fortunately, no serious injuries occurred from the incident.

The Beverly Hills police department spoke out about the incident, and emphasized that there were no life-threatening injuries and that Bieber was completely cooperative. A spokesman on behalf of the police department said, the paparazzo “was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.” At 9:24 pm, the police were told that the man was complaining of injuries, but fortunately he is now officially okay.

To be expected, there is a video of Bieber pulling out of the Church lot. In this video, Bieber slowly pulled out of the lot and immediately got out of his vehicle to see if the man was okay after it happened. The 23-year-old pop star also asked the man if he was okay and stayed there through the entirety of the event. He can be seen holding the man to comfort him and asked, “is there anything we can do to help you?” Paparazzi and paramedics immediately flooded the scene.

Kortney Kardashian was also at the scene, after attending the same Church service. The City Church has it’s service on Wednesday at the intersection of Hamilton Drive and¬†Wilshire Boulevard at the Saban Theater. Apparently, it is a popular Church service for celebrities to attend.

This event happened only a few days after Bieber’s cancellation of his final shows for his “Purpose” tour due to “unforeseen circumstances.” Since, rumors have spread that his faith was the vital reason that made him cancel the rest of the tour. However, the “What do you Mean” singer has denied such rumors.

Watch the full event from ET, here:

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