Joey Bosa signs four year deal with San Diego

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Well, there ‘ya go.

After all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, both sides in the Joey Bosa, et al. Vs. the San Diego Chargers realized the positions they’d painted themselves into were untenable (and stupid), came to their senses and got the deal done. The Chargers were surely skewered by their fellow owners, who, with their names withheld, were openly ridiculing the way the team handled the situation. Plus the poor play of the defensive line in Sunday’s exhibition game against the Minnesota Vikings added to the madness of the situation.

While it hasn’t been officially announced as of this moment, my sources tell me it looks like the Chargers gave in on the upfront bonus money, and shortened the Agreement/offset period, something that was all it would have taken to begin with.

Bosa, also had to know it was time, with fans starting to turn on him, and the prospects off holding out for an entire season looking increasingly ludicrous. With all the time lost from training camp and preseason games, it will remain to be seen if Bosa can really become a key contributor in his rookie season.

If I were a betting man (which of course, I’m not), I would venture that his overall capabilities will be severely hindered. But with the Chargers defensive front so shaky, having even a rookie who missed so much time, but with the explosive potential on the field as soon as is absolutely possible, has to be their top priority.

The question is will either (or both) parties be placed on the injury list for having shot themselves in the foot?

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