Win “The Jersey Shore” G.T.L bag to Gear Up for Season 2

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Believe it or not, MTV’s hit reality show, “The Jersey Shore” has already been gearing up for Season 3. Fans cannot seem to get enough.

Despite initial controversy about the show’s negative representation of Italian-American youths, “The Jersey Shore” has turned out to be more than a few people’s Thursday night’s indulgent secret.

Between Sammi and Ronnie’s on-again and (Spoiler Alert!) finally off-again (see Episode 4) romance, Mike “The Situation” conjuring up impossible, well…situations to handle, and Pauly’s close-to-godly primping and polishing (his abs, of course), this reality show has garnered a steadily rising fan base flinging these eight characters and the party scene of the Jersey Shore into fast fame. And who can resist Snooki’s larger-than-life-in-a-pint-size antics?

Let’s be honest, Are you sporting a new spray-on tan and the essential set of 6-pack abs? Have you noticed yourself joining in or (ghasp) starting the Jersey Shore made-famous fist pump the last time you went out? Are you watching Youtube tutorials to get Snooki’s look?

These are all products of the show’s popularity. Whether you love to hate on it, hate to love it or proudly sport your Pauly-inspired blowout (see tutorial below), you’re not alone. Don’t believe me? The show’s official website features a Fist Pumping Party with a Twitter Tracker bragging upwards to 700 tweets each minute overall, and tens of thousands of people worldwide are creating their own Jersey Shore avatar with the Jersey Shore Yourself GTL online game. Almost three million Facebook users “like” it!

Season 2 is already four episodes in, and tonight, “The Situation” gets himself into a potentially awkward situation when he invites two sets of girls to party at home with only himself, Vinny and Pauly to help. Trying to “extract the hot girl from the grenade” won’t be a new challenge for Mike but if he fails, he brought over 4 girls only to end up alone.

If you’re not yet on the Jersey Shore band-wagon (or should we say board walk?), the SD Entertainer has you covered. Each week, we’ll be giving away exclusive prizes. This week is a celebration of everything Jersey Shore!

Get in shape for the full season with an exclusive “The Jersey Shore” G.T.L bag, stocked full of gym, tanning and laundry essentials by KYMARO, the show’s Health & Beauty brand. Products include: a Bally Total Fitness 7-Day Gym Pass, GTL Branded T-Shirts, Kymaro Sunless Tanning System and more.

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Check back in next Friday to see if you won a GTL bag and get geared up for episode 7. As Jersey Shore’s Vinny poignantly declared, “Gym, tanning, laundry. You know, that’s how they, like, make the guidos.”

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