Entertainer Quickie: ‘Hunger Games’ gets help from an Olympian and Jessica Simpson bares all in Elle

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Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence aided by Olympian

Most of the trailers that have been released so far have at least one scene dedicated to the protagonist Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence, confidently aiming at a target to be hit with one of her arrows.  Was the actress just naturally gifted with the bow? The film actually hired a four-time Olympic athlete to train Lawrence so she would have all the skills necessary to pull off the Katniss character on the big screen.

Khatuna Lorig was the selected instructor after becoming an established archer herself with four trips to the Olympics.  In Beijing, the first time she competed for the U.S., she walked away with the highest placing for an American in that category.  In the time between the Olympics Lorig has also become a certified level II archery instructor, which has allowed her to participate in a USO program as well as seminars in the United States. According to a recent publication in Glamour, Lawrence shot about one hundred arrows a day on an Olympic style bow.  From the trailers it seems as though the training paid off.  The actress looked like a pro as she hit targets with the precision of a seasoned archer.

The actress did have some natural ability it seems.  When asked about Lawrence’s talents Lorig has this to says, “When she draws the string back, she does really well.  I was surprised; I even told her if she wants to be a professional archer, I think she has potential.” Hearing that from a proven archer herself hopefully doesn’t sway the actress from continuing to star in more highly-anticipated films.


Jessica Simpson on the cover of Elle

The fashion mogul, newlywed, and now heavily expecting mother joined the ranks of other stars like Demi Moore, Christina Aguilera, Cindy Crawford, and Britney Spears appeared on the Elle magazine cover proudly flaunting the glowing curves of pregnancy.  It’s hard to believe, but Simpson revealed even more in the pages of the magazine.  The sunsequent article is where Simpson also announced that the baby on the way is a little girl hopefully to follow in her mother’s stylish footsteps.  There is the chance that she will take after her NFL pro father, but at the thought of that Simpson didn’t hold back her fears of a sporty daughter.  In her recognizable Texas drawl the star told Elle that:

“Ah swear, ah will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins. Eric is so athletic — we’re gonna have this athletic girl and I won’t even be able to take her shopping, ’cause all she’s gonna want is sports bras and Nikes”

The fashion conscious mother also teased about the name of their baby girl.  Revealing that it has been firmly decided upon.  “We’re embroidering it on things. It’s nothing shocking and nothing you’ll have to add to the dictionary. When people hear it, they’ll know why.”  Fans will just have to wait for the little girl’s name to appear in the headlines in the coming months.

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