Entertainer Quickie: Trump and Palin, Olsen and Timberlake?

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The Entertainer Quickie brings you the hottest celebrity news in short form. Today’s edition covers interesting couples and asks the questions: Are Trump and Palin working on a Republican ticket merger? Did Ashely Olsen and Justin Timerlake hook up?

Trump and Palin Share Pizza in NYC

What was the midtown New York pizza meeting about the evening of May 31st? Could it a be a possible merger between the two on a Republican ticket?

On a East Coast tour with her family, Sarah Palin stopped in New York City to eat dinner with Donald Trump and discuss politics, the economy and the Republican perspective.

When asked by reporters what Trump thinks of Palin, he responded, “I think…she’s a terrific woman and a good friend” even going so far as to say “I’d love her to run” when prodded by the surrounding media. Palin seemed to share the appreciation saying, “I like his independence.  I love anybody who is not run by a political machine and will say what they want to say.”

When asked what the two of them have in common, Palin said, “A love for this country and the desire to see our economy get put back on the right track.”

Although neither Palin nor Trump has confirmed their Republican running, we may see a combo ticket in the future.

Ashley Olsen and Justin Timberlake Spottings

After the June 1st Vanity Fair article hit the press with caring quotes from Justin Timberlake towards his ex-girlfriend Jessica Biel, the US Weekly reports Ashley Olsen and Timberlake seen together at various locations including the Greenwich Hotel, a SNL after party, a couple Broadway shows and a polo match.

Could this be new love?  One of Timberlake’s reps comments that they are just friends. With Timberlake revealing to Vanity Fair that he wants to start a family one day, we will see who will be his lady of choice.

To Vanity Fair, Timberlake reveals his thoughts about marriage, “as little as six months ago I wouldn’t have even thought about that, but now it feels like a closer planet orbiting around.”

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