An Exclusive Look at Jessica Biel’s New Restaurant, Au Fudge

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Today, SD Entertainer takes you inside the one and only Jessica Biel’s new restaurant, Au Fudge, which opened its doors on March 4 in Los Angeles. Jessica opened up to us about the inspiration behind the restaurant, which she and her co-founders envisioned as a stylish escape for parents who can unwind with a glass of rosé on the patio, while their kids (supervised under the watchful eye of an au pair) play in a drum circle or climb an indoor tree house.

Biel told us, “Au Fudge was born out of the minds of my partners, who had kids before I did. They were tired of not having a place to go with their families where it was fun for the kids and also fun for them.”

Not only is Au Fudge a playground for kids and parents, it also serves delicious dishes and treats – Jessica’s personal favorites are the vegan Caesar salad, chicken nuggets and French fries, and avalanche bars (brick-thick rice krispy treats studded with chocolate chips and sprinkles). When Biel referred to these decadent bars she said, “I’m not sure I trust somebody who doesn’t like rice krispy treats.” We agree, over here at SD Entertainer.

Biel noted that starting this business is not simply a piece of cake. One of the biggest struggles was trying to appeal to everyone. She said, “You cannot be everything for everybody, and I think we sort of got into that idea for a minute, like, ‘oh yeah, we could be for people with kids, people without kids, an older demographic, a younger demographic. It was impossible, so we’re focusing on what we do best.”

Aside from minor bumps in the road, Biel’s restaurant has already gained a lot of popularity. She said, “People are enjoying it, kids are loving it, and families are happy, and that’s what we care about.”

Biel also told us her favorite memory at the restaurant when Justin Timberlake, her husband, threw a birthday party for her. She said, “I had no idea the surprise was coming. I actually told my husband I do not want to come to Au Fudge for my birthday, because we had been at Au Fudge day in and day out leading up to the launch. … But it was perfect. It was fantastic. It was seeing the restaurant in action, functioning. It was exciting to see, like, ‘oh, maybe, maybe this is actually going to work.'”

The future looks bright for Biel’s restaurant and we hope you enjoyed the inside scoop. If you haven’t tried Au Fudge yet, make a trip to LA with friends and family!

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