Colin Kaepernick Won’t Stand in San Diego

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Colin Kaepernick was in San Diego last night for the last game of the preseason against the San Diego Chargers. The big news (it is preseason remember) was that Kaepernick again refused to stand for the National Anthem before the game, a gesture that has created a ‘spirited’ national debate. 49ers safety, Eric Reid joined him this time in not rising, the only difference was Kaepernick and his sidekick knelt on knee during the Anthem, versus sitting. In addition, Kaepernick, trying to salvage some public relations currency, pledged a million dollars to the cause, but that didn’t keep the Chargers crowd from booing him pretty much the whole time he was in the building. The national debate, fueled by Kaepernick’s actions, plus his outspoken views on racial inequality in America have created almost as many self-righteous comments and overreactions on both sides of the argument than that of another national debate presently in progress, known as the presidential election.

So, here is Mr. Shooz’s take on all this nonsense. And I say nonsense, because first of all, there are far greater problems in this country than an NFL quarterback refusing to honor the flag. Like the fact that there were 90 murders in Chicago in August alone, virtually entirely blacks killing blacks. Or maybe the fact that four out of ten kids in this country are not properly fed. Or that there is no process in place to support mental health, even though one in ten people are affected by it.

The bottom line is, as I paraphrase from an old, but very pithy quote; “I strongly oppose his saying it, but will defend to the death his right to do so.” Kaepernick, in my humble opinion, has always been a bit of a punk. He clearly benefited from Jim Harbaugh’s presence in the Bay Area, not to mention a bucketful of talent around him. It has been no surprise to me that he has struggled with Harbaugh’s departure. But folks, the bottom line is that he is not breaking any laws and has the right to do what he is doing because we live in such a great country. And the people booing the sh*t out of him have that right, too.

Yes, a great country, indeed…

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