Chula Vista Little Leaguers Start Slow, Finish Strong in Sunday’s Game

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Park View Team Guaranteed a semi-final spot

Going into Sunday’s sixth inning against the boys from Peabody, Mass. (which is pronounced pee-buddy- don’t ask me why), the local boys from Chula Vista were clinging to a precarious 3-0 lead, having struck out 10 times against the opposing pitcher.

When the Massachusetts’ pitcher had hit the 85-pitch count mandated by Little League rules, and their number two pitcher couldn’t go because he had thrown 20 or more pitches the day before (again, per the rules), offensive things started happening fast for San Diego’s hometowners. They quickly sent 17 hitters to the plate in the top of the sixth and scored 12 runs on 11 hits. Other than seeing the dejected faces of their opponents, this was truly a thing of beauty.

Next up for the Chula Vista team is a game tomorrow against San Antonio, the only other team in their bracket who are undefeated.


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