Chula Vista Little League champs to meet the President

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Image from ~MVI~ via Flickr

Image from ~MVI~ via Flickr

After winning the Little League baseball World Series Championship last August, the Park View Little League All-Stars have been on a whirlwind of parades, television appearances, Charger and Padres games, celebrity meet and greets and celebrations. They are the pride of Chula Vista and now they will receive the honor of meeting the country’s Commander in Chief, President¬† Barack Obama.

The idea was first brought up by Vice President Joe Biden, who attended the Little League World Series and watched the Park View Little League team overcome the TaoYuan, Taiwain team, 6-3. The meeting was not confirmed at the time due to the President’s demanding schedule and the team not being able to afford a trip to Washington D.C. In the past other championship winners have not been able to travel to the White House due to lack of funds.

After months of hoping and waiting, U.S. Representative Bob Filner (D-Chula Vista) announced that the World Series champions are finally going to Washington D.C. to meet President Obama at the White House on Friday February 5th. The trip was made possible thanks to sponsorship by AT&T and Southwest Airlines.

The Blue Bombers are the first District 42 team to ever reach and win the Little League World Series. District 42 encompasses all teams south of Highway 54 to the U.S. – Mexican border and from the Chula Vista city boundary west to the Pacific coast.

Since winning the baseball Championship, the Little League All-Stars have received numerous honors and offers. This month they will be inducted into San Diego’s Hall of Champions and numerous local and national businesses have been offered to sponsor the team.

Recently some of the team’s older players, who will be going onto high school, have contemplated attending more highly competitive private schools. For at least one player, these opportunities would not possible had they not been part of a championship team. Certainly a future in professional sports is a possibility for the team members and they will have no shortage of help to get there.

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