Celebrity Birthdays Today: Kate Gosselin, Julia Stiles, and Lady Gaga

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Three famous celebrities share today’s date as their birthday: Kate Gosselin, Julia Stiles, and Lady Gaga.

The first of them is Kate Gosselin. Well known for her reality TV show, Kate Plus 8, on her days of being the mother of eight children. She turns 36 today. Although according to OK!magazine, she already celebrated her birthday last week by taking a trip to New York City for a nice dinner at STK restaurant. CBS reported seeing her out and about at her home in Pennsylvania today for her birthday, but not to celebrate, just to take out the trash. Birthdays don’t mean you can skimp out on her chores, especially for a mother.

The next famous lady is Julia Stiles, known for her recent appearances in the Dexter TV series, as well as the Bourne Identity film series, and films such as Save The Last Dance and 10 Things I Hate About You. Today she enters the 30th birthday milestone. No one seems to know exactly how this star will be celebrating her birthday.

The last birthday girl is pop sensation Lady Gaga, who is celebrating her 25th birthday today. According to CBS she received an early birthday presentation through her meet and greet with Alice Cooper. Alice Cooper, born Vincent Damon Furnier, is a hard rock/ heavy metal singer whose shows are known for having fake blood, gallows, baby dolls, boa constrictors, and a guillotine. Alice Cooper was originally the name of Vincent’s band until the music group split and he took the name as his solo career. “The singer tweeted a photo of the two of them, with the caption, ‘I just died and went to Hell.’” Like Gosselin, the singer will also be working on her birthday by performing tonight at the Los Angeles Staple Center.

So for those celebrating their birthdays out there today, you will be sharing them with a Reality TV Star, a Movie Star, and a Pop Star. Also joining the celebration of these three ladies are actress Diane Wiest and actor Vince Vaughn.

Photos from Kathy, Brooke Atwell, and Jazmin Million Via Flickr.

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