Brittany Murphy’s Husband Dies – Hollywood Tragedy, Monjack dies at 39

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Just five months after the tragic death of 32 year old Brittany Murphy, Simon Monjack the young actress’ screen writer husband was found dead Sunday, May 23. Sharon, Brittany Murphy’s mom found Simon’s lifeless body and called 911 late Sunday evening. Just 15 minutes passed and paramedics were at the home pronouncing Monjack dead at the scene.

Monjack died at the same home as Murphy, exactly 5 months to the day later. This home was shared with Brittany’s beloved mother, Sharon. It has been reported that Simon Monjack was an amateur photographer and thousands of photo’s of Brittany lined the walls of the Hollywood home.

Simon Monjack was born in England in 1970 to mother Linda and father William. In 2000, Monjack directed, wrote and produced Two Days, Nine Lives. As a screen writer he received credit for biopic The Factory Girl. With a slur of legal problems, beginning in 2005 which included being evicted from four homes, Monjack and Murphy were reportedly a close couple.

Despite assumptions that Brittany’s death was due to illegitimate prescription pill consumption, Monjack’s death is presumed to be of natural causes. It has been confirmed that prescription pills belonging to Monjack were found at the scene, but the toxicology report is still underway and the final cause of death has not been determined.

On December 20th, just a few days before Christmas last year, Monjack’s famed wife Brittany Murphy died of what has been called accident from a combination of prescription drugs, anemia and pneumonia. Some of the prescription pills attributed to Murphy’s death were prescribed to Monjack.

It has been reported that despite a tough, yet classic exterior Brittany Murphy was a tortured actress who struggled with anorexia. With her starring and first memorable role as Tai in Clueless in 1995 she tirelessly worked to break free of a ditsy stereotype. With over 35 feature films, countless television movies and hundreds of voice appearances on King of the Hill her accomplished career never provided her an acclaimed award.

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