San Diego Padres – Win Some Lose Some

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After recently attended another Padres game, the news outlets made it seem that the Dodgers sweeping us was the end of the world.

Tim Sullivan, of the UT, doesn’t want to acknowledge that the Padres have played the greatest entertainment baseball ever. As he suggests, “TEST DRIVE STARTING TO SPUTTER.” Timmy my boy, this game of baseball is comprised of a very long season. Though we’ve spent nearly 25% of the time in first place, I’ve got to say we’ve been on more than a TEST DRIVE, given we’re 25% of the way through 162 games.

It is the most fun watching the underdogs flabbergast the big boys. Isn’t that the purpose of most games? Sure if I were making money I’d be a little uptight with the division. We all want to see Tony Gwynn settle in for the long haul. We all want to watch him chasing Dad’s glory days in San Diego. I know if they excise the demons playing games in their heads (Kyle Blanks, Adrian Gonzalez, Everth Cabrera, Kevin Correia) they’d be right where us fans want them to be. I also believe, given time without undo pressure from the powers that be (Timmy), they will be playing up to par. It’s just a game boys. Relax and enjoy.

Besides the game, it was great to see the Gaslamp and Petco shining bright (and loud). It makes me proud to be a San Diegan. During the first season played downtown the atmosphere was more like a post war habitat, but now there’s nothing but shinny new buildings, generating plenty of tax dollars for this underprivileged city to use for police and firemen or whatever they do with tax dollars. The Padre experience does wonders. Go Padres!

On my way to the park, I found a hotel giving all the parking I wanted for $10.00. Located on 9th and J, they even hid my car somewhere in their parking structure. Even better, they had no trouble finding it when I wanted to go home.

As part of the Petco experience, one must enjoy a taste of the Gaslamp. The Old Spaghetti Factory, located at 275 5th Avenue, is an easy walking distance from Petco Park. It’s a great experience and the ambiance is great too. The service by our waiter Chad was outstanding, the food was exceptional, and the cost was very reasonable. I’d highly recommend it to any diner looking to enjoy the Gaslamp whether or not you’re headed to a game.

*Photo from SD Dirk via Flickr

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