Britney Spears New Video, “Hold It Against Me” World Premieres Tonight on MTV

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Britney Spears does it again with her seventh pop album Femme Fatale to be released March 29 by Jive Records.

The album’s first single, “Hold It Against Me”, directed by Jonas Akerlund, has been airing on San Diego radio stations since its debut on January 10, 2011. And the music video is scheduled for a world premiere on MTV TONIGHT, February 17, 2011 at 9:56pm ET, right before the new episode of “Jersey Shore.” 

“If I feel my heart was beating loud, If we could escape the crowd somehow, If I said I want your body now, Would you hold it against me?” sings the 29 year old as the edgy electro chorus reverberates.

The pop princess has been tweeting teasers for the two weeks prior to the video’s release, hoping to excite her fans for the new album.  “Can’t believe Femme Fatale has been trending 6 days,” She tweeted on February 9, “You guys are my motivation every single day. I love u all! – Brit.”

Click here to see the cover of her new album,

Video clips of the “Hold It Against Me” video are available on Spears’ website and on her YouTube page.  Her series of clips include teasers for the 14 days, and teaser #6 is available below:

You can see her royal highness performing a bit of her video here:

MTV News reports, Brian Friedman, who choreographed the music video said, “Artistically, this video, I think, surpasses a lot of her other videos. So many of her videos are iconic, though. You look at ‘Toxic’ and you look at ‘Slave,’ even ‘Oops … I Did It Again’: People are gonna remember those videos forever. [In] ‘ … Baby One More Time,’ she made schoolgirl outfits relevant and so popular. This video is artistically a masterpiece, and I don’t think that Britney has pushed the envelope in this way ever in any of her videos.”

Femme Fatale is Spears’ seventh album, following the number one album, Circus, released in 2008. The Louisiana native has four number one singles in the US, with “Hold It Against Me” anticipated as the next chart topper.

Next, she is teaming up with Black Eyed Peas front-runner for her next single, still in the works at the studio.

Keep up with Britney on her webpage and twitter at: and

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